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Fast Labelling in Pharmacy Manager (2:36)

What's New in Pharmacy Manager 16.2 (6:12)

Pharmacy Manager Release 16.2

Pharmacy Manager release 16.2 introduces the following features and improvements:

England Only

  • Available Reports - As reports EPS R2 Claims Total (FP34c) and NHS Totals (FP34) were replaced by the Reimbursement functionality in release 14.8, they are now no longer available from the reports list.

    To view your Daily Claim Totals and FP34 Report, see Reimbursements for details.

All Countries

  • Dose Codes - You can now use dose codes when updating the directions in the Clinical Check module.

  • Fast Labelling - User entered products are no longer suggested for fast labelling while dispensing. This ensures that the dm+d code is correct.

  • Dispensing Multiple Prescriptions - We have improved the way that we dispense multiple prescriptions in Pharmacy Manager. You can now dispense multiple prescriptions for the same patient that may have differing prescribers, form types or drug schedules. Pharmacy Manager does not group items into the same dispense. Instead, prescriptions display on the Dispensary screen in the order that they were selected. This change means that actions performed after dispensing no longer impact the other prescriptions they were dispensed with.

    See Group Dispensing for details.

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