Filtering Products

You can control which products display on the Stock Inventory screens by applying a range of filters.

To filter the products on all the Stock Inventory screens including the Low Stock, Excess Stock, Dead Stock and Often Owed filtered screens:

  1. Select Filter .

  2. The Filters screen displays to the right:

  3. Select a filter, for example, Controlled Drugs, and select Apply .

  4. The Stock Inventory screen updates and displays products that match the applied filter(s):

Note - The applied filter displays under the Search stock bar. Select ‘x’ to remove the filter.

Saving Filters

For frequently used filters you can save a selection of filter options to quickly apply in the future. To save a set of filters:

  1. From the Filters screen select the required filter options.

  2. Select SAVE FILTERS :

  3. Enter the filter name and select Save :

  4. The new filter displays in the APPLY SAVED FILTERS list:

Selecting Saved Filters

To quickly view a saved set of filters:

  1. From the Filters screen select APPLY SAVED FILTERS .

  2. Select the required saved filter from the list:

  3. Select Apply to view the filtered stock.

Deleting a Saved Filter

To delete a saved filter:

  1. From the Filters screen select .

  2. The Saved Filters screen displays, select DELETE next to the filter you want to delete:

  3. Select DONE to return to the Filters screen.

Note - To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.