Group Dispensing

Group Dispensing allows you to dispense multiple prescriptions for patients that are either fully or partially matched to the same patient record.

Note - You cannot group dispense a prescription for a non-matched patient.

Group Dispensing allows you to dispense prescriptions for the same patient that:

  • have different prescribers,

  • have different form types,

  • are for a different drug schedule.

Pharmacy Manager does not group items into the same dispense. Instead, prescriptions display on the Dispensary screen in the order that they were selected. This change means that actions performed after dispensing no longer impact the other prescriptions they were dispensed with.

How Does it Work?

To dispense multiple prescriptions for the same patient, press and hold Ctrl on your keyboard select each prescription and then select Dispense :

Training Tip - To find all prescriptions for a patient, set Filter list by to Patient Name and then in Name enter the patient's surname. To select multiple prescriptions at once, highlight the first prescription, press and hold Shift on your keyboard and then select the last prescription to select all of them.

If you have Prescription Grouping enabled and you have missed a prescription for the patient, a warning displays advising 'There are further electronic prescriptions waiting to be dispensed for this patient':

Select Yes to dispense all prescriptions linked to that patient.

See Prescription  Grouping for details on how to enable Prescription Grouping.

Pharmacy Manager then displays each prescription on the Dispensary screen, one after the other.

Note - If you cancel the dispense, the prescriptions that have already been completed remain unchanged and any cancelled prescriptions revert to their previous state.
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