Recording a Pharmacy First Scotland - Standard (MAS) Consultation

Completing a Minor Ailment Service Consultation (2:09)

What is a Pharmacy First Scotland - Standard (MAS) Consultation?

The Pharmacy First Scotland - Standard (MAS) Service enables patients to get advice and free treatment from a Pharmacist for a range of minor ailments, for example, nasal congestion, migraines, fungal skin infections, eczema.

A patient must be eligible for the Pharmacy First Scotland - Standard (MAS) Service before a consultation can take place.

To record a Pharmacy First Scotland - Standard (MAS) consultation:

  1. From the Pharmacy Manager Side Navigation Bar select ePharmacy and the ePharmacy screen displays.

    Note - You must be logged into ePharmacy in order to record a MAS consultation, see Logging in to ePharmacy for details.
  2. From Service, select Pharmacy First Scotland - Standard (MAS):

  3. From Patient, enter the name of the patient and press Enter on your keyboard to search for the patient record.

  4. The Find Patient screen displays. Select the appropriate patient and select OK :

    Note - If the patient is not found in Pharmacy Manager, select Add to add the patient, see Adding a New Patient for details.
  5. Pharmacy Manager checks the eligibility status of the selected patient via the Electronic Pharmacy Message Store (ePMS).

    Note - If there is any demographic information missing, you are prompted and the relevant requests display.
    Note - To run an additional Eligibility Status check, select Refresh .
  6. The ePMS responds with either:
    • Eligible - Continue to record the consultation, or

    • Not Eligible - The patient is not eligible for a consultation. You are asked to confirm if you wish to proceed with the consultation.

  7. Confirm that Print PFS - Standard Form is correct. Amend if required.
    Note - Print PFS - Standard Form is set at a system wide level. You can over-ride it on a case-by-case basis by enabling or disabling it as required. This does not affect your system wide settings. See Configuring Pharmacy First Scotland - Standard (MAS) Form Printing for details.
  8. From Consultation Details, complete as required:

    • Outcome - Select from:
      • Medication Prescribed
      • Advice Only
      • Refer to GP
    • Notes - Enter details of the consultation.
      Important - Notes are mandatory for a Pharmacy First Scotland - Standard (MAS) service.
    • Message Area - This area displays any messages where mandatory information is required for a service.
  9. Complete the consultation as follows:
Training Tip - To clear the ePharmacy screen of all data added, select Cancel . No information is sent to the ePMS.
Note - To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.