Collecting a Serial (MCR) Prescription

Prior to the patient collecting their prescription, the Serial (MCR) Prescription must be set as collected in Pharmacy Manager.

Important - There is now a requirement that the system checks if the prescription has been cancelled by the prescriber since the time it was dispensed, so this must be completed prior to handing out to a patient.
  1. To collect a Serial (MCR) Prescription select the Pending screen, either:

    • From the Pharmacy Manager Dashboard, select Uncollected ePrescriptions:

    • From the Pharmacy Manager Side Navigation Bar select Pending .

  2. The prescription displays with a status of either:

    • Not collected - The prescription is not endorsed or collected. To endorse the prescription, select Endorse .

    • Not collected* - The prescription is endorsed but not collected.

  3. Select to highlight the prescription(s) and then select Collect .

    Note - You can collect multiple prescriptions for one patient at the same time.
    Note - If you are not connected to ePharmacy, Collect is inactive.
  4. The MCR Item Collection screen displays. Select the items being collected and then select the person collecting the prescription, for example, Patient :

  5. Pharmacy Manager checks with ePMS to see if any of the selected prescription items have been cancelled by the prescriber since dispensing:

    • If the check is successful and no items have been cancelled by the prescriber the response returns as successful and the selected items are marked as collected:

    • If any of the prescription items have been cancelled by the prescriber or there is an error with the check, the following screen displays:

      Prescription items are listed with a status:

      • OK - Items are checked and are not cancelled by the prescriber. These are automatically ticked ready for you to confirm collection.

      • Cancelled - The item has been cancelled by the prescriber.

      • Check Failed - The check for cancellations has failed.

      Training Tip - To hide the expanded descriptions remove the tick from Show me Expanded Description.

      From here you can do the following:

      • Select Cancel Collection to cancel the whole collection process.

        Note - If you are no longer handing out this prescription item you must either edit the dispensary supply marking the item as Not Dispensed or endorse the item as Not Collected.
      • Select Confirm Selected Items to continue with the collection of the ticked prescription items.

        Important - To continue to handout prescriptions items with a status of Cancelled or Check Failed is at your own discretion, you must select the item first. An audit trail of this displays in Patient History.
  6. When the prescription is marked as collected:

    • If the prescription is endorsed the claim is automatically sent:

    • If the prescription is still not endorsed it remains on the Pending screen with a status of Not endorsed.

      To endorse the prescription, select Endorse .

Note - To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.