Electronic Repeat Dispensing

An Electronic Repeatable Prescription contains a specified number of repeat prescriptions each containing the same prescribed items.

Retrieving Electronic Repeat Prescriptions

Electronic Repeat Prescriptions are downloaded from the NHS Spine in the same way as EPS prescriptions and display on the eMessages screen.

The prescription displays and shows the Prescription Type of Repeat Dispensing with the prescription details, for example, 1 of 12:

Dispensing an Electronic Repeat Prescription

Electronic Repeat Prescriptions are dispensed in the exact same way as an EPS prescription.

Next Prescription in Series

If the patient has nominated your pharmacy the next prescription in the series will automatically download 7 days before the due date, to the eMessages screen.

Requesting Subsequent Prescriptions

You may need to dispense items earlier that the set repeat date, for example if the patient is on holiday, to do this you will need to request the next prescription in the series.

Important - You can only request a prescription as long as the previous prescription has been notified. Once you have requested the next prescription you cannot reset or return the previous to the NHS Spine however you can still amend it.

To request the next prescription in the series:

  1. From the Pharmacy Manager Side Navigation Bar select eMessages .

  2. Select the most recent dispensed prescription from the series.

    Training Tip - To search for a prescription that has already been claimed for, set Filter list by to Patient Name, enter the patient's name and press Enter on your keyboard. Untick Only show messages awaiting current action and a list of prescriptions display.
  3. Select Prescription Details :

    The eMessage Details screen displays:

  4. Select the Repeat Details tab.

  5. Select Request Next Repeat to download the next prescription in the series.

    Note - There may be a 30 second delay between when you notify the previous prescription and the Request Next Repeat button displaying.
  6. Select OK .

Once the new prescription has been downloaded you can now dispense the prescription. See Dispensing an Electronic Prescription for details.

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