MDS Community Patient Grouping

Community Patient Grouping allows the select patients to be grouped together whilst still retaining their own address. Each Community Patient Group allows the organisation of a singular cycle period and the ability to bulk print MAR and Cassette sheets as required.

To create a Community Patient Group:

  1. From the Pharmacy Manager Side Navigation Bar select MDS . The MDS screen displays:

  2. Select Options - New Home.

  3. Select the Community Patient Group option:

  4. Enter Name, Dosage System, Print MAR, Weeks to supply and Cassette Sheets as required.

  5. Select OK . The Start Date screen displays:

  6. Enter the cycle Start Date.

    The Community Patient Group shows as a care home:

  7. New patients can be added by selecting Add patient to home and searching for the patient.

Note - Any patients added to the group will all use the same Dosage System, MAR settings and Cycle dates.