Message Dynamics


Message Dynamics is an SMS or automated phone call service that your pharmacy can use to communicate with registered patients. It can be used to:

  • Alert a patient that their prescription is ready to collect.

  • Confirm whether or not a patient requires their repeat prescription.

  • Alert a patient that they are due to receive items from their repeat prescription.

  • Remind a patient to renew their repeat dispensing authorisation.

Important - These messages sent via Message Dynamics are supplied and maintained by a third party solution and therefore cannot be edited from Pharmacy Manager.
Note - Please contact our Service Desk to discuss enabling Message Dynamics within Pharmacy Manager, see Contacting Us for Support.

After enabling Message Dynamics, patients must register to use the service:

When patients register for Message Dynamics, you can use the service to communicate with them:

Note - The Message Dynamics voicemail retrieval number is 0800 0608614.