Patient Facing Application Integration

Pharmacy Manager provides the functionality to integrate with various patient facing applications (apps) in England. Once integration is activated, providing the patient is registered in Pharmacy Manager they can request repeat items and receive dispensing stage notifications through their chosen app. This can reduce the communication workload for your pharmacy.

Note - The dispensing process in Pharmacy Manager does not change, the patient's chosen app seamlessly integrates with Pharmacy Manager.

How does it work?

  • First you need to set up Pharmacy Manager to integrate with a patient app, see Setting up Pharmacy Manager for Patient App Integration for details.

  • Patients using the app select the pharmacy they want to receive their prescriptions from. This sends a registration request to Pharmacy Manager where they either automatically match to an existing patient record, or a new registration request is triggered. Once this is done the patient can start to receive notifications. See Checking for New App Requests for details.

    Important - It is essential to check the Message Centre for new application requests often and before dispensing prescriptions as you may receive a prescription for a potential app user. If a prescription is dispensed before the patient registration is completed, the patient does not receive any notifications.
  • When you receive a prescription for a registered patient, and throughout the dispensing process, the patient receives notifications via their app. See Patient Notifications for details.

  • Patients can also request repeat prescription items through the app, the request is sent to their GP for approval. Once approved and uploaded to the NHS Spine you can download and process the prescription as normal.

Note - If a patient deactivates their app account an update is sent to Pharmacy Manager, the patient is no longer flagged as an App User in Pharmacy Manager and they do not receive any further notifications.
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