What's New in Registration?

Vision 3 Release DLM 890

Vision 3 release DLM 890 contains the following features and improvements:

All Countries

  • Online Services - The issue of a partial online services account being created when you update the Online Services tab on a patient record without selecting Create Online Account, has been addressed.

Scotland only

  • Returning Patients - The way Vision 3 handles returning patients in Scotland has been updated. If a patient has clinical term of 92...00 Patient de-registration with 'by transfer of GP to GP electronic record' in Comments, recorded in their record, they cannot be reactivated via Registration and a new record must be created. The original record is marked as 'Superseded Record'.

  • Organ Donor Consent - Following the implementation of the Human Tissue (Authorisation) (Scotland) Act 2019:

    • The Registration - Voluntary consent to organ donation screen no longer displays at the end of a patient registration.

    • Donor details is no longer an option on the Preferences tab, and

    • No organ donor messages are sent.

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