What's New in Consultation Manager?

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Vision 3 Release DLM 890

Vision 3 release DLM 890 contains the following new features and improvements for Consultation Manager:

  • Firearms and Shotgun Certificate - When you record a Firearms and Shotgun Certificate on a patient record, a Firearm Status notification displays in the Alert Pane:

    The following clinical terms trigger the warning:

    • 9D8.. Shotgun application cert

    • 9D81. Shotgun applic cert-not paid

    • 9D82. Shotgun applic cert-fee paid

    • 9D8Z. Shotgun applic cert NOS

    • 9DP.. Has firearm certificate

    • 9DP0.. Has shotgun certificate

  • You can select the Firearm Status in the Alert Pane to display all firearms related details in the Filter tab, including the following terms:

    • 9DT.. No longer has firearm certificate

    • 9DV.. No longer has shotgun certificate

  • Guidelines - You can now search for Guidelines by the Guideline Description. A new By Description option displays in:

    • Guidelines - Select Guideline:

    • Consultation Manager Setup - Startup - Views Displayed When a Patient is Selected - Guidelines - Edit:

      Note - Full words are not required, for example, pox may return Smallpox, Monkeypox and Chickenpox.
  • Date selections - The issue of '$$' automatically being inserted when setting or updating a date within a Guideline has been addressed.

  • Medication Review Structured Data Area (SDA) - Clinical term 8B35200 Structured Medication Review now defaults to, and can be selected from the Medication Review SDA.

  • Methotrexate Prescriptions - The following has been updated:

    • To comply with a recent MHRA Drug Safety Update (DSU), for one dose a week prescriptions you should now include a day of the week for the patient to take their medication on.

      When you prescribe a methotrexate item, and select OK, the Methotrexate - Select Day of Week screen displays:


      • Select a day to append to the Dosage and select OK. The day selected is added to your dosage, for example 'ON WEDNESDAY':


      • Select Skip to bypass adding a day. The 'A day of the week for intake has not been specified for this drug. Do you wish to continue?' warning displays if you do not enter a day in the dosage, select Yes to continue or No to select a day:

    • The issue of Dosage reverting to default when updating Methotrexate prescriptions is addressed.

  • Therapy - Exact Drug Warning - When searching for a drug name, if an exact drug cannot be found the following message displays:

    Select OK and check the item selected is the correct one.

    See Using the Select Drug Screen for details on searching for drugs.

  • Units of Measure - The following default units of measure are updated:

    • Head circumference centile and Jugular Venous Pressure are now cm instead of cms.

    • Infant details - Mother is now kg instead of kgs.

England only

  • e-Referrals - As per NHS England instruction, you can no longer upload .HTML or .HTM files to the e-Referrals Service. Vision 3 therefore no longer allows the attachment of .HTML or .HTM files. Should you try to upload files of this type the following message displays, select OK to close:

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