Logging in to Your Gateway from Consultation Manager

The first time you log into your gateway from Consultation Manager, you must have your gateway account details which are provided by your Local Health Board (LHB)(Scotland and Northern Ireland)/ Digital Health and Care Wales Primary Care Service Desk (Wales) to log in. The login details are stored in Vision 3, so the next time you access your gateway from Consultation Manager you are automatically logged in.

To access your gateway:

  1. From the Vision 3 front screen, select Consultation Manager.

  2. Optionally, select a patient to open your gateway in patient context, see Selecting a Patient for details if required, or skip this step to open your gateway in practice context.

  3. Select Summary -

    • SCI Gateway for Scotland.

    • WCCG for Wales.

    • CCG for Northern Ireland:

General Information

  • You should check your gateway Information pane regularly for any important information.
  • When your password expires there is grace period, followed by a warning period, during which time you should enter your new password.
See Patient Context and Practice Context for details.
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