Patient Context

To create a referral in Consultation Manager through your gateway with a patient selected:

  1. From Consultation Manager , select the patient to refer in the usual way, see Selecting a Patient for details if required.
  2. Select Summary -
    • SCI Gateway for Scotland.

    • WCCG for Wales.

    • CCG for Northern Ireland.

  3. Your gateway screen displays, log in using the details provided if required, see Logging in to Your Gateway from Consultation Manager for details if required, and select OK.
  4. Select the referring GP from the Referring GP list.
  5. Select New Message - Referral:

  6. The New Referral screen displays, select the appropriate destination for your referral and select Create.
  7. Complete the details required.
    Note - Mandatory areas display in pink. From here you can also, Park a referral, change a status, attach files, view your practice Worklist and Cancel/Delete a referral. For more information on referral options please refer to the on-screen Help within the Gateway.
  8. Select Send Referral.
  9. Once the referral is complete and sent, a copy saves as an attachment to the patient record in Consultation Manager and displays as a SCI Gateway/WCCG/CCG Referral Letter.
Please Note the Following:

If you have an open patient consultation whilst processing referrals for other patients, the referrals are not created or sent and are instead added to your gateway work list with a status of In Progress. To complete the process, you must either log on to your gateway in Practice Context, see Practice Context or log on in Patient Context by selecting the patient first in Consultation Manager.

Therefore, if you do have multiple gateway referrals to process at the same time, please ensure you either:

  • Access your gateway from Consultation Manager - Summary - SCI Gateway/WCCG/CCG with no patient selected, or
  • Select each patient to be referred individually and exit your gateway and the Consultation after each patient.
Note - To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.