Practice Context

To create a referral in Consultation Manager through your gateway with no patient selected:

  1. From Consultation Manager , select the patient to refer.
  2. Select Summary -
    • SCI Gateway for Scotland.

    • WCCG for Wales.

    • CCG for Northern Ireland:

  3. Your gateway screen displays, log in using the details provided if required and select OK.
  4. Your gateway Referral screen displays, select the referring GP from the Referring GP list.
  5. Select New Message - Referral.
    Note - No patient details display on the form, there is general information regarding the number of Discharges and Referrals in Progress display if they exist. You can use this to complete existing referrals.
  6. Select Create and Select Patient displays.
  7. Select the patient you are referring.
  8. Complete the details required, mandatory areas display in pink.
  9. Select Send Referral.
  10. Once the referral is complete and sent, a copy saves as an attachment to the patient record in Consultation Manager and displays as 'Gateway' Referral Letter.
Important - When creating a referral in practice context, do not open a consultation for any patient. If you do, the referral you have created is not sent, it is parked in your gateway Referral Worklist with the status In Progress.

If this happens, you can complete the task via Patient Context as follows by either:

  • From Consultation Manager, close all consultations, select your gateway from Summary. From your gateway Home screen, select the link that says you have a certain number of referrals in progress. This takes you to the filtered worklist that displays only the referrals In Progress. Select the patient required and complete the outstanding task(s).

    Alternatively, you can select Message - Referral. The unfiltered list of referrals displays, including submitted referrals. Select the patient required with the status of In Progress from the work list and complete the outstanding task.

  • Selecting the patient in Consultation Manager, logging on to your gateway and selecting Message - Referral. The incomplete referral displays in the Referrals Worklist with a status of In Progress. Select it and complete the outstanding task(s), or
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