Scottish Cervical Call Recall System (SCCRS)

The Scottish Cervical Call Recall System (SCCRS) sends electronic smear results, exclusions and recalls direct to Vision 3 via Mail Manager. These messages can be subsequently filed to the patient record in Consultation Manager.

The SCCRS - GP integration with Vision 3 does not replace the administrative functions of the web-based SCCRS system, such as recording a smear or managing call-recall lists. It enables Vision 3 to contain all relevant SCCRS messages, ensuring a more complete patient record.

Note - There is currently no requirement for Vision 3 to send messages to update the central recall system with details of smears taken. It is likely that the central system is unable to process incoming messages of this type.

eLinks is the Scottish National web-based tool which manages the transmission and receipt of messages between national and primary care IT systems. You can receive SCCRS messages in Mail Manager once the central eLinks team switches it on for your practice. This is providing your Vision 3 system has been configured with the eLinks messaging functionality.

When you first start to receive SCCRS messages, we recommend that you regularly monitor and compare messages in both SCCRS and Vision 3. This is to make sure all data in SCCRS is being received correctly:

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