What's New?

Summary of Changes

Pharmacy Services release 7.1 contains the following new features and improvements:

Pharmacy First, Hypertension Case-Finding Service and Contraception Services

  • Integration with GP Connect - Update Record - When completing a Pharmacy First (Formerly CPCS), Hypertension Case-Finding Service or Contraception service, if a patient is Personal Demographics Service (PDS) verified an electronic notification is now sent to a patient's registered GP practice automatically to update the patient's GP record once accepted:

    Note - If a patient's details have not been PDS verified, service details are sent to the patient's registered GP by NHS Mail as normal.
    Important - Pharmacies must complete the NHS National Data Sharing Agreement (NDSA) to use GP Connect messaging. See https://digital.nhs.uk/services/gp-connect/national-data-sharing-arrangement-for-gp-connect for details on signing the NDSA, or to verify GP Connect usage.
    See this useful guide on GP Connect - Update Record https://digital.nhs.uk/services/gp-connect/gp-connect-in-your-organisation/gp-connect-update-record for more details.

    Hypertension Case-Finding Service

    • Patient Details Tooltip - A tooltip now displays on the Hypertension Case-Finding Service - Active Episodes screen to display extra patient details. Select a patient name to display the patient's Date of Birth (DOB), Postcode and Telephone number where available:

This release also includes some minor Manage Your Service (MYS) defect fixes to reduce the number of claim failures requiring manual intervention.

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