Control Panel - Mail Maintenance

Control Panel - Mail Maintenance provides the following functions for Mail Manager .

  • Staff Mailbox Access - Enables you to assign rights to individual active users for Mail Manager. Mail Maintenance is where you set up which mailboxes you have rights to view in your Incoming Mail. You can also remove mailboxes from view, for example, if someone leaves to which you had mailbox rights.
  • Actions - Maintenance of practice defined Actions. These are tasks or messages which are attached to incoming messages, which other practice staff carry out, for example, Patient to make appointment.
  • Action Status - Maintenance of Action status codes. These status codes track actions through an initial status of Newly Actioned, through to Completed Action. They are practice definable.
  • Message Redirection - Allows you to redirect you own, or other users Mail Manager messages for a defined period of time.
  • SCI Stores - Scottish Pathology - For Scottish practices receiving test results from hospitals via SCI Stores.
  • Managing Staff Groups - Allows you to create groups of staff for message and action allocation.