Action Status

Once an action has been assigned to a message, see Actions, it may go through a number of stages prior to the action being marked as complete. At each stage, the responsible user can update the status of the action. An unlimited number of Action Status's may be defined by an individual practice although, the smaller the number, the more manageable the list.

Action Status's have a display order in much the same way as Actions, but since the status list is likely to be shorter, there is only one list.

Note - When adding or editing an Action, you can select a default Action Status for it. You can also choose to mark a message as Read when you select a particular action. This means that you can action, mark as read and complete a message in one step.

As with Actions, it is not possible to delete status codes, merely discontinue them. Discontinued Action Status's cannot be assigned to an action but can be searched.

Under the Action Status tab, the status's display as follows:

  • Initial Status - By default Newly Actioned is the status allocated to new actions.
  • Selectable - Displays active statuses.
  • Discontinued - Displays inactive statuses.