SCI Stores - Scottish Pathology

Scottish Care Information Stores (SCI Stores) are used to deliver pathology results using XML messages.

The messages are received at regular intervals and passed to Mail Manager for processing.

SCI test results store the date/time they were input into the SCI Store, Vision 3 stores the date/time of the most recent result extracted from the SCI Store, and uses this as the basis of the next request, for example, retrieves all results added since this date.

Note - Although Mail Manager can be used simultaneously on different workstations, only one workstation can access the SCI Stores at a time. This prevents the possibility of receiving duplicate test results.

There are at least 16 SCI Stores in Scotland, each one covering one or more laboratories/trusts. Each lab transmits to a local SCI Store. A single practice may have to link to one or more of these stores, depending on its location, to receive all test results.

Important - We strongly recommend that you check with your SCI-Store(s) that all patient results are downloaded. A previous issue left 10% of patients on the SCI-Store system with no registered GP/Practice ID recorded.
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