Members of your practice are initially entered on to the system from File Maintenance - Staff. To allow them to log on to Vision 3 they must then be added in Security.

Adding a staff member from Management Tools - Control Panel - File Maintenance automatically prompts you to add the user in Security.

To access Security directly, from the Vision 3 front screen, select Management Tools - Control Panel - Security.

The Security screen is divided into three panes:

  • Current Users (top left) - Lists all staff by their login names, see Viewing the Current Users List.
  • Groups of Users (bottom left) - Staff should be added to groups with access rights to specific Vision 3 functions, see Security Groups for details.
  • Vision Functions (right frame) - A list of modules and functions within Vision 3, to which individual users or groups of users can have access rights, see Vision Functions for details.
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