Practice Reports Overview

An essential element of the General Medical Services (GMS) Contract lies within the management of patient recalls, monitoring of point targets, and the ability to produce statistical, up-to-date reports.

Contract Manager tools have been designed to help facilitate the management aspect of the GMS Contract and assist practices with achieving the required targets. You can be sure that the information you see in target lists, recall management, point totals, and payment details is a true reflection of the status of the practice. See Contract Manager for further details.

Vision+ Practice Reports also has a secure automated appointment reminder facility which prompts patients of their appointment over the next seven days. This service helps increase patient clinic attendances and reduce the number of DNA's.

See Appointments SMS Text Messaging for further details.

Accessing Practice Reports

Note - Practice Reports can only be opened if Consultation Manager and other Vision+ modules are closed.

To access the Practice Reports module:

  1. Login to Vision 3.
  2. From the Windows Notification Area, right click Vision+ Vision+ Icon in Notification Area and select Practice Reports:

  3. The Practice Reports module opens by default on the QOF/QAIF page.

    Training Tip - QOF stands for Quality and Outcome Framework (England, Scotland and Northern Ireland). QAIF stands for Quality Assurance and Improvement Framework (Wales).

    To select a different report select one of the following menu options on the left hand side:

    • QOF/QAIF - QOF/QAIF Lists and Reports display on the initial Practice Reports screen, see QOF/QAIF View.
    • Practice Reports - Practice Lists consist of reports downloaded from Download Web Files.
    • Last Run - The Last Run option enables you to quickly look at the last report you ran, see Last Run.
    • Extracts -The Data Extract option enables data to be extracted as a .csv file. It is employed by some HB's to collect practice data. See Extracts for more information.
    • Warfarin - The option is only available for specific Health Boards, see Warfarin Monitor Report.
    • Appointments - The Appointments option on the menu is for sending Appointment SMS Text Message Reminders. See Appointments SMS Text Messaging for more information.
    • Patient Groups - Patient groups shows user and system groups that have been saved in Vision 3 Reporting - Patient Groups, see Patient Groups.