The Free Slot Search

The Free Slot Search is a quick and easy option to enable you find and book free appointments. It is available from the following screens:

  • Reception View
  • Weekly View

To use the Free Slot Search :

  1. From the toolbar at the top of your screen, select Free slot search .
  2. The Free slot search screen displays, showing available appointments, maintaining existing filters. Depending on your selection in Preferences - Display Options, they may display in either:
    • Calendar, or
    • List format
  3. If required, you can refine your search by:

    You can also:

    • See the number of free slots going forwards
    • Access the clipboard to drag appointments from the clipboard to a free slot
    • Use the Week Skipper to move forwards by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 weeks
    • Use the arrows to display additional appointments

  4. Select a slot to book an appointment and the appointment booking form displays.
  5. Complete the booking form in the usual way, see Booking an Appointment for details if required.
  6. Select either Book and Print or Book as appropriate.
    A message displays confirming the booking.


Free Slot Search (0:53)

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