Booking an Appointment

To book an appointment:

  1. From the Reception View select a free slot, you can use Find a Free Slot to do this.
  2. The booking form displays and the appointment slot displays as Locked for other users:
Note - Local Practice next to the appointment, indicates this is at your practice, it is not an indication of branch or main site. Future releases of Appointments will include the ability to a make appointments for patients in a cluster or shared care organisation.

  1. In Patient name, enter the patient's surname and/or date of birth and select Search .
  1. The Patient Search Results screen displays, filter the results if necessary and select the patient you require:

  2. The booking form displays:

  3. Complete as required:
    • Slot Type - Change the slot type if necessary
    • History - A summary of the selected patient's appointment history displays, select to view the detail if required:
      • DNA
      • Scheduled
      • Completed
      • Cancelled
      See Preferences - Patient Data for set up details.
    • Patient Note - View and update if required, seePatient Notes
    • Booking Method - Select if required
    • Duration - Update if required
    • Appointment comments - Add any comments for this appointment
  4. Select either Book and Print or Book as appropriate.

A message displays confirming the booking.


Booking Appointments (1.31)

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