What's New in the Vision 3 Front Screen?

Vision 3 Release DLM 890

Vision 3 release DLM 890 contains the following new features and improvements for Vision 3 Front Screen:

Vision 3 Log in

  • Login Name List - To improve the security of your Vision 3 system and your patient data, the Login Name list has been removed from the Vision Login screen. You must now type in your Login Name as set up in Management Tools - Control Panel - Security. To support this change the Show list of users option available from the Security Settings screen has been removed, see Security Settings in the Management ToolsHelp Centre for further details.

    Training Tip - If you have forgotten your Login Name, your system administrator can find it for you from Management Tools - Control Panel - Security, see Viewing the Current User List in the Management ToolsHelp Centre for details.

    The Login screen now has an Information Point alongside Login Name, hover over it too see the tooltip or select to display the 'Please contact your Administrator or Vision Helpline if you cannot remember your Login Name.' message:

    If you select the Information Point, you must select OK to close the message:

  • Options - To improve the security of your clinical data and prevent the accidental download of malicious software, the Install .Net Framework option is no longer available from the Vision 3 Front Screen - Options menu.

Scotland only

  • LibreOffice - Vision 3 is now ready for you to use LibreOffice as your word processor of choice.

    See Word Processor Set Up for details.

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