Daybook and SCR

The following tasks and notifications are created in Daybook as a result of SCR activity in Vision 3:

  • ACS Mismatch Tasks - For patients with a consent preference of Dissent if the local consent record does not match the Spine an ACS mismatch is created, see ACS Mismatch Tasks for details.
  • PDS Mismatch Tasks - For patients whose local demographic details do not match the Spine, a PDS Mismatch displays each time the patient is selected until the PDS mismatch is resolved. If the patient is Unlinked SCR messages cannot be sent until the mismatch is resolved, see PDS Mismatch Tasks for details.
  • Queued items have been sent Notification - When a user works offline, any SCR updates are queued until the user next logs in with their Smartcard. When the queued message is successfully sent a Daybook notification is delivered to the originator of the SCR message to inform them their patient's SCR update has been sent. The notification may contain multiple patient details, depending on the items queued, see Queued GP Summary Message were sent for details.
Note - Queued items that are manually sent using the Queued GP Summary utility do not generate a Daybook notification.
  • Notification of Transmission errors - If a message could not be sent correctly then a Daybook task is created so that action can be taken by a system administrator or other nominated person. If there are more than one failure, then these are grouped together in a single notification, see Transmission Errors for details.

SCR task notifications are sent to all Daybook users. If you would rather the Daybook notifications were sent to specific staff to be resolved rather than all of the practice staff and clinicians, you can create a SCR group in Control Panel and add relevant staff to the group, see Managing Staff Groups for details.