Task Templates

Many tasks have certain things in common, for example, Make an urgent appointment always has a patient attached, always has an Urgent priority, and may always be assigned to the same staff group. Task Templates are therefore available for selection when creating a task to speed up the entry of more common tasks. There are two types of Task Template:

  • Practice Templates - These can be created, edited and deleted by anybody.
  • INPS Templates - These are created by the system, certain aspects are available for editing depending on the template, see Vision 3 Templates for details.

To create or maintain Task Templates:

  1. From Daybook, select the Maintenance tab and select Task Templates .
  2. Select the action you require:
    • Create New - Select to add a new practice template, see Adding a New Task Template for details.
    • Edit - Select to change an existing template, select the template and then select Edit. Change details as required and then select Finish to save and close.
    • Delete - Select to delete an existing template, select the template and then select Delete. Select Yes to the confirmation message.

Note- You cannot delete system created templates.
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