Adding a New Task Template

To add a new task template to Daybook:

Note - Check there is not already a template for this task, Daybook does not check for duplicates.
  1. From Daybook, select Task Template .
  2. Select Create New and the Add Task Template screen displays:

  3. Complete the template with as much information as you can, use the comments on the form for completion guidance:
    • Template Name - Enter a name for the template.
    • Task Description - Describe the task being requested, this text displays when adding a task from the template list.
    • Tasks created from this template are normally attached:
      • to a patient - Tick if this task should be attached to a patient.
      • to a clinical document - Tick if you require a document to be attached to this task.
    • Default due date - Enter the normal time span required, for example 3d for 3 days, 1w for 1 week.
    • Default priority - Select Routine, Urgent or Low priority from the list.
    • Escalate priority, if not completed after - Check to set the priority of a task to increase if not completed by the date offset entered.
    • Default recipients- Staff can be selected by typing their initial letter as well as by selecting Choose.
    Remember - Staff Groups are set up from Control Panel, see Managing Staff Groups for details.
    • On completion:
      • Notify the author - Tick if you want a notification to be automatically created.

      • Add to medical history - Tick if required. A Read Dictionary screen displays. Select the Read code you require and select OK to save and close.
    Note - Any Read code entered here is recorded to the patient’s record and should therefore be accurate and QOF appropriate.
    • Initial comments - Enter any text that is relevant.
  4. Select OK to save and close.
Note - To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.