Issuing Repeat Prescriptions

Issuing and printing a repeat prescription (0.51)

To issue a repeat prescription:

  1. From Consultation Manager , select the patient and start a consultation if required.
    Note - If you are a non-clinician issuing repeat scripts and this is a new consultation, keep the consultation statistics accurate by changing the Consultation Type to Repeat Issue.
  2. Select List Repeat Therapy .
  3. Tick the medications you want to issue, or choose Select All from the toolbar:

    Training Tip - You can use Select All and then remove the tick if you want to issue all bar one or two repeats on a patient record.
  4. Press F9 on your keyboard, Print or Finalise (England, Wales, Northern Ireland) Close (Scotland) to issue.
  5. Check the Doctor to Sign Prescription is correct, if not update as required.
  6. Press F9 on your keyboard, Print or Finalise (England, Wales, Northern Ireland) Close (Scotland) to print.

If the requested item(s) is not shown, select Filter Expired Repeats and Filter Inactive Repeats to give a list of valid repeats (leave Filter Valid repeats undepressed).

Note - PRN items print on a separate prescription, provided you have switched this option on in Management Tools - Control Panel - File Maintenance.

If the required items still do not display, there may be an expired item that needs reauthorising, see Reauthorising Repeats for details.

Repeat Master Icons

  • Valid repeat master - Can be issued
  • Expired repeat master - Needs reauthorising
  • Inactivated repeat master
  • Prescribed outside of the practice
  • Batch repeat master
Note - To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.