Reauthorising Repeats

Reauthorising PRN Medication (0.17)

Once a repeat master has been issued a maximum number of times or reaches its Repeat Until Date, then it expires. Expired repeat master displays in front of the medication name in the Repeats list in Therapy.

To reauthorise an expired repeat master:

  1. From the Therapy tab, select Repeats.
  2. Tick the item(s) to reauthorise.
  3. Select Reauthorise .
  4. If you have selected:
    • One item - The Reauthorised Repeat Master - Add screen displays and allows you to make changes if required, select OK.
    • More than one item - You are run through the Problem screens if you use them, select for each medication as appropriate, the Reauthorised Repeat Master - Add screen does not display.
  5. The item(s) are now reauthorised ready for issuing.
Note - If you are a non-clinician and cannot reauthorise a repeat master, this may be because Force Re-authorise was ticked on the original Repeat Master. In this case, only prescribers can reauthorise the repeat.
Training Tip - To turn a repeat therapy into a PRN prescription, you must Reauthorise it.
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