Processing Degraded Data - Wales

Degraded records have a Read code entry of 9bJ Transfer-degraded record, these should all be edited or replaced within the patient's record:

  • 9bJ0. Transfer-degraded medication entry
  • 9bJ1. Transfer-degraded referral
  • 9bJ2. Transfer-degraded request - Note, requests are not transferred in GP2GP
  • 9bJ3. Transfer-degraded plan - this refers to recalls
  • 9bJ4. Transfer-degraded drug allergy
  • 9bJ5. Transfer-degraded non-drug allergy

When processing degraded data, you can apply the following:

  • If it is in the right place with the wrong code - Edit it.

  • If it is in the wrong place - Replace it and delete the original.

  • If it is ‘unacceptable’ data - Delete it.

  • If it is useful in the patient record but not coded and does not need auditing - Leave it as degraded.

To process degraded data received via GP2GP:

  1. From Consultation Manager , select the correct patient and open an appropriate consultation.
  2. Double click Degraded GP2GP Records under the navigation pane to filter a list of degraded records:

  3. Process the degraded data as per the following:
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