Processing Degraded Repeat Medication

Repeat medication, prescribed by the previous practice and active at the time of transfer, can be viewed in several ways:

  • From the Journal tab.
  • An Active Medication problem is automatically created to simplify the processing of repeat therapy received via GP2GP. It displays all active imported medication.
  • From the Therapy - Repeats tab, you can differentiate between Active and Inactive items:
    • Prescribed out of Practice - Active imported medication, drugs they are currently taking.
    • Inactive Repeat Master - Inactive imported medication, drugs they used to take at the previous practice.
Note - You can list inactive medication by deselecting the Inactive Medication filter from the Therapy Repeats tab.

Scotland only

If the patient had any items on serial prescribing (CMS) at their previous practice, a cancellation message is sent automatically to their registered pharmacy. Any items you want to prescribe as serial prescribing (CMS) need to be set up again.

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