Filing the Record Received

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland on receipt of your GP2GP request, the patient’s previous practice automatically send a copy of their notes, this displays in Mail Manager.

In Scotland, once you have imported a patient record from Docman the records display in Mail Manager.

To file the records:

  1. From Mail Manager , select Incoming Mail, a Record Transfer message with a status of Available for filing displays:

    Training Tip - If you want to view a record before filing it, select the message and view the Import Summary tab at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Right click on the message and select File All.
  3. All the records in the message file into the patient's record in Consultation Manager.
Training Tip - Highlight a message and select ConMgr to open the patient's clinical record.
Important - You should check the dates of entries received via GP2GP as some systems contain incomplete and future dates which may be inappropriate.

Scotland only

  • For KIS and ePCS patients, clinical term 9Ee1000 Transfer summary report is automatically added to the patient record.

  • When a patient re-registers at a practice a GP2GP record transfer does not happen due to the risk of duplicated data. However Mail Manager receives a GP2GP message with a status of Withdrawn. Simply mark these messages as 'No Action Required' so you know you have seen them and no action is required.

    See Adding an Action to a Message in the Mail Manager Help Centre for details.
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