Sorting Patients in a Group

Sorting a Group

When you are viewing a list of patients in a group, right click to access the sort options:

  • Surname (default)
  • Date of birth
  • Reverse Sort - This reverses the list, for example, listing Z-A instead of A-Z

Sort Multiple Groups

Multiple groups can be sorted together using the following options:

  • Date of birth
  • Date patient applied to practice
  • Date transferred out
  • Surname

To sort multiple groups:

  1. From Patient Groups, double click each group name to select.
  2. A red dot displays to the left of the group name:

  3. Select Group - Refresh Selected Group(s) and the Refresh Group Selection screen displays.
  4. Use the drop down list to select the sort by options:

  5. Select All is ticked by default, untick if required.
  6. Select Refresh to proceed.

The groups display with the new sort order.

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