Priority Update

Priorities are a way of categorising your Medical History entries.

Each Medical History entry can be allocated a Priority number from 0-9 as per your practice protocols.

Priority Update enables you to change Medical History priorities for a selected group of patients to a single priority, for example, change all Asthma diagnosis entries to a priority 1.

Important - Please be aware of the following:

  • Once the priority update runs, you cannot undo this, individual records would have to be accessed and edited.
  • Changing priorities may affect the results obtained by data extracts, third party products which use clinical data, filters, reports and merged template letters.

  • Priority Update only applies to Medical History entries, Structured Data Area (SDA) forms, for example, blood pressure do not have a Priority option.
  • All updates to priorities are recorded in the audit trail accessible from the item updated.
  • All updates are recorded in Event Log - Other Events. Details recorded include date, time, user, workstation name, the original and new Priority.
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