Creating Online Appointment Slots

Once you have enabled and configured online Appointments from Control Panel you must decide how much of your appointment book you want your patients to have access to online. You need to consider:

Vision 3 Appointments

Appointments and Appointments Setup

Configuring Slot Types for Web Use

Appointments booked by your patient online must be reserved by being marked Available for Web. You can do this either manually or automatically.

Defining a slot as Web Default automatically allocates the slot(s) for use with online services. Each time your appointment books are extended the slots are automatically created and marked Reserve for Web. These slots can also be booked as normal in the practice.

Manually Defining a Slot as Available Online

To manually set a slot as Reserved for Web:

  1. From Vision 3 - Appointments , from either the Session or Day view, right click on the appointment(s) required.

  2. nn items selected displays at the bottom of the screen confirming the number of items selected and the toolbar activates at the top of the screen.
  3. Select Enable web booking and the selected slot(s) update to Available for Web.

Automatically Creating Slots Available Online

To automatically create Web booking slots:

  1. From Vision 3 - Appointments Setup , select Slot types .
  2. Select either Add slot type or select the slot to edit and select Edit .
  3. Complete the Slot Type details in the usual way.
  4. Tick Web bookings.
  5. Select Apply.
See the Appointments Help Centre and the Appointments Setup Help Centre for further details.
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