Preparing for Desktop Vision Appointments for Vision Practices

  • Before anyone can login to Appointments from their desktop, they need to have an email address set up in Vision 3.

Why does this need to be done?

  • All Vision apps use a staff member's registered email address as their unique user name.

    The email addresses together with Vision passwords and linked staff details are transferred into Vision 360 ready to be used when any app is enabled.

Who needs to do this?

  • Email addresses in Vision 3 are set up and maintained by System Administrators at each practice.

Do users need to use an NHS email address?

  • Yes, an NHS email address is required.

Can users share email addresses?

  • No, every Appointments user must have their own email address.

What happens next?

  • Once all user details have been transferred into Vision 360, your practice can be configured to use Appointments from the desktop. Depending on whether your patient's clinical data is already being streamed into the Vision 360, there may be a short delay before Appointments is ready to use from the desktop.

How do I add/maintain email addresses?

Each user who needs to use Appointments must have their email address set up in Control Panel - File Maintenance - Staff - Communications Numbers.

To add an email address:

  1. From Vision 3, select Management Tools - Control Panel - File Maintenance - Staff.
  2. Right-click on the staff member required and select Edit Staff.
  3. Their Personal tab displays, select the Addresses tab.
  4. Under Communication Nos, select Add and the Communication - Add screen displays:

  1. Complete as required:
    • Contact - Enter the staff member's email address
    • Type of Contact - Select Email
  2. Select OK and then OK again, in the main staff window, to save your changes.

Repeat this process for every member of staff who needs access to Appointments.

User details transfer to Vision 360 approximately every twenty minutes. After this short delay your staff members can log into Appointments, from the desktop, using their email address as their username and their usual Vision 3 password.

Note - If any staff member has more than one Vision 3 user account, only the preferred user should be updated with the email address, and the password for this user should be used for accessing Appointments. We strongly recommend you inactivate any unused staff accounts.
Important - If a staff member is set up in more than one practice with the same email address, their credentials, for example, prescriber code must be set up in each Vision system otherwise it can cause issues.
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