Upgrading to Appointments

The first part of your Vision 3 update is the upgrading of your existing Vision 3 Appointments to the Appointments and Appointments Setup applications.

The following plan is designed to facilitate this in the most effective way possible:

Upgrading to Appointments Email

Your nominated contact receives your Upgrading to Appointments email, this contains the following details:

  • Key Dates - Your dates for upgrading to Appointments and Appointments Setup.

  • Training - The various training sessions we are running that your staff can attend for both Appointments and Appointments Setup.

Preparing for Appointments and Appointments Setup

Depending on the results of the utilities Cegedim Healthcare Solutions have already run on your system to tidy your Appointments database, you may have to address any issues identified ready for your upgrade, see Upgrading to Appointments Setup in the Appointments Setup Help Centre for details.

Training Tip - Use the Appointments Setup Upgrade Checklist, created to help you monitor the progress of your pre-upgrade tasks.


Once your Appointments and Appointments Setup upgrade date is agreed, practice staff should start preparing by completing their training. To ensure all learning styles are catered for, the following training options are available:

  • Appointments eLearning (for day-to-day appointment bookings), please log into the Learning Zone and see your My To-Do List.

  • Appointments Setup elearning (for creating and maintaining the appointment books), please log into the Learning Zone and see your My To-Do List.

  • Training - Attend live training with one of our Cegedim Primary Care Solutions trainers.

See The Learning Zone for further details.
Training Tip - Ask staff to record any queries in one place. This enables you to assist each other as you go through and gives the practice contact one place to look for any queries that are outstanding.
Important - It is the responsibility of the practice to ensure all staff complete their eLearning. Progress is trackable by managers and key stakeholders in the Learning Zone.


The Appointments and Appointments Setup upgrades are run.

Nominated staff attend an online Appointments Support Session with a Cegedim Healthcare Solutions trainer to review appointments books and check there are no issues.

See the Appointments Help Centre and the Appointments Setup Help Centre for further details about these exciting new applications.

What next?

You are now ready to migrate from Daybook to Tasks, see Migrating to Tasks for details.

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