Assessment Forms & Risk Calculators

Vision+ has additional tools and utilities which help capture patient data. It also contains inbuilt forms and calculators, which are extremely intuitive and reduce the clinician's workload by simplifying the process.

They can be accessed using the following:


To view the Vision+ calculators, with a patient selected:

  • From the Vision+ floating toolbar , select Calculators:

  • From the Windows Notification Area, right click Vision+ and select Calculators:

The calculators are divided into five categories so that the correct calculator can be quickly located:

  • Cardiovascular

  • Lifestyle

  • Mental Health

  • Other

  • Respiratory

Alert Indicator

The Alert Indicator displays passive calculations for specific calculators. The calculation is based on the patient's previously recorded data:

Reviewing Passive Calculations

To review passive calculations:

  1. From the Vision+ floating toolbar , select Show Other Indicators .
    Note - By default QOF/QAIF alerts display when you select a patient in Consultation Manager. To combine both QOF/QAIF and non-QOF alerts, for example the passive calculators, refer to Using the Settings Screen.
  2. If a calculation can be performed, for example the patient has all the relevant data, you see the patient's risk in brackets:

    Note - If a calculation cannot be performed because the patient is outside the criteria you see the prompt 'Unable to provide predicted ASSIGN calculation' or 'Unable to provide predicted QRISK3 calculation'.
  3. To view and record the passive calculation for the patient double click on the line that has the risk score in brackets or select the calculator on the toolbar:

  4. The calculator screen displays with the patient's risk score:

  5. If you want to record the calculation select OK to record the clinical term and score or select OK & Attach to record both the clinical term and the attachment.
Note - To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.