Patient Group Option

If you want to limit which patients are processed during the upload, you can create a patient group and use the group to specify which patients are used for the selected process.

Note - Patient group is mandatory when running the Bulk De-registration update.

To create a group:

  1. Identify the patients required for the upload. This can be done using an existing group in Clinical Audit, or can be created using an Ad-hoc search.
  2. To save a Clinical Audit group to to Patient Groups, click the Clinical Audit icon identify required audit line, click OK to save.
  3. In an Ad-hoc search, create the search to find the required patients, to save to a group double click in the Group Output line. You are prompted to add a Group Name and Group Description.
  4. Make a note of the Group Name, this is required in the upload process to identify specific patients.

During the Upload process you can enter the group name:

  1. Having selected an upload, eg Initial Upload, then selected the operation required, eg Run, you can add a group name to specify which patient records are to be uploaded.
  2. Type the Group Name in the box, eg DRXPATS. This will be displayed in capitals.
  3. Or use CTRL+C to copy the group name then paste it into the Group Name box using CTRL+V. Or right click in the box to access the menu.

  4. You can now click OK to start your run/rerun/resume/failed process.