What's New in Single Sign On?

DLM 320 (January 2011)

  • Workstation Locking – From DLM 320, you are now able to lock your workstation when you are logged into Vision 3 with your Smartcard. This is done by either:
    • Removing your Smartcard from the reader. This will no longer result in a forced Vision 3 shutdown. Instead, the workstation is locked and the Vision 3 modules you are running are frozen until you unlock the workstation.
    • Leaving your workstation inactive. The Vision 3 screensaver now works with SSO login which means that depending on your settings in Control Panel – Security, the workstation will lock after a period of mouse or keyboard inactivity.

    See "Workstation Locking" for further details.

  • Assign Smartcard – Assign Smartcard is now part of File Maintenance. This was previously accessed from the front screen of Vision 3 and automatically appeared as a prompt for those accessing Vision 3 for the first time with their Smartcard. From DLM 320, only those with access to Control Panel – File Maintenance are able to assign Smartcards.

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