Existing SCR Practices upgrading to SCR 2.1

DLM 483 delivers the SCR 2.1 update. Prior to installation of DLM 483 all existing practices MUST have RBAC fully enabled.

RBAC has been in place for some time without directly affecting your access to specific functions in Vision 3. However, RBAC becomes a compulsory part of Vision 3 for installation and use of SCR 2.1. This means that once you login to Vision 3 with your Smartcard, your access to Vision 3 modules and functions is dictated by the roles and functions that are stored on your Smartcard (whether you login on or offline).

Practices who have EPS R2 enabled are already using RBAC, but will need to ensure the relevant SCR roles and functions are added to their Smartcards prior to DLM 483 installation.

You must contact your ICB RA Manager prior to upgrading to SCR 2.1 and ensure that all staff have all their required functions and roles added to their Smartcards. Some staff will also require the relevant SCR RBAC codes to be assigned to their Smartcard to perform SCR Functions, see RBAC Roles used in SCR for details.

If using the new SCR Viewing module to view non-registered patients SCRs, you must appoint a practice Privacy Officer to monitor the viewing activity. See Viewing the National Summary for a Non-Permanent Patient for details.

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