Overview of Managing the Summary

  • A patient's Summary Care Record is accessible from the Summary menu in Consultation Manager.
  • The patient consent preference is stored in Vision 3, dissent is also stored on the NHS Spine (ACS).
  • If a patient consents to core data only, their Summary contains:
    • Current Repeat Medication.
    • Repeat medication discontinued in the last 6 months.
    • Acute prescriptions issued in the last 12 months.
    • Allergies, adverse reactions and intolerances.
  • For patient's who consent to Core Data and Additional Information, the summary contains the core data and additional information items. Additional Information includes:
    • Active problems
    • Problems linked to medication
    • Priority 1 Medical Histories
    • All immunisations.
      See Additional Information for full details.
      Note - Some sensitive data is excluded from the Summary Care Record, for example, information pertaining to sexually transmitted diseases. These items are automatically withheld and are not sent to the NHS Spine, see Withheld Data for full details.
  • Data that is automatically added cannot be manually withheld from the Summary Care Record. However, data that has been automatically withheld can be manually added, if relevant and sent to the NHS Spine.
  • A patient's Summary Care Record automatically updates when new data is added to the patient record in accordance with the patients consent preference. The update is automatically sent to the NHS Spine when the patient's record is deselected for all data.
  • You can maintain a local summary in Consultation Manager for patients who have dissented from Summary Care Record, this is not sent to the NHS Spine.
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