What information can be viewed?

A data request must specify the patient, by NHS number and the specific type of data required, a general non-specific request is not possible. The following patient data is available for sharing:

  • Summary (cannot be filtered).

  • Encounters.

  • Clinical Items.

  • Problems.

  • Allergies (cannot be filtered).

  • Medications:

    • Current Medication Issues – All Acutes and Repeat Issues in the last year (cannot be filtered).

    • Current Repeat Medications – All active Repeat Masters irrespective of any date filter in the request (cannot be filtered).

    • Past Medication – All inactive Repeat Masters and all acutes and issues older than one year.

  • Referrals.

  • Observations.

  • Investigations.

  • Immunisations (cannot be filtered).

  • Administrative Items.

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