Setting Patient Consent for GP Connect

All patients have implied GP Connect consent allowed by default. You can update patient consent, by recording one of the following clinical terms in Vision 3:

  • To record explicit consent to share:

    • ­ 9Nd7.00 Consent given for electronic record sharing.

    • ­ 93C0.00 Consent given for upload to local shared electronic record.

  • To record dissent to share:

    • 9Nd1.00 No consent for electronic record sharing.

    • 93c1.00 Refused consent for upload to local shared electronic record.

Important - If you update patient consent using one of the clinical terms above, no third party requesting data can override it.

To add one of these codes to the patient record:

  1. From Consultation Manager, select the appropriate patient and start a consultation if required.

  2. Select Add Medical History and the History - Add screen displays:

  3. Complete as required:

    • Read Term for Characteristic - Enter the clinical term of the consent required, preceded by a # and press <Return>.

    • Comments - Enter free text comments if required.

    • Priority - Update as per your practice protocols.

  4. Select OK to save.

Important - Read code 9Nd1.00 No consent for electronic record sharing is used in Scotland for Emergency Care Summary (ECS) consent, so a patient moving from Scotland may already have this Read code recorded.
Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.