Registering a Patient for GP2GP - Wales

Before registering a new patient, search for them on Vision 3 using their date of birth to ensure they have not been registered with your practice in the past. A GP2GP record transfer does not occur for re-registering patients as it would result in duplicated records.

Training Tip - From Registration, use Action - Re-Registration to re-register a patient.

Locate the patient from the Welsh Demographic Service (WDS), either via:

  • the NHS Number,

New Patient via WDS NHS number search

  • or, by an Advanced Search using surname, date of birth and gender.

New Patient via WDS Advanced Search

Important - If the patient found and displayed in the bottom part of the New Patient form is not the patient you require after multiple searches, click Skip to skip the GP2GP process.

Providing the following criteria is met, a GP2GP Request message is automatically sent to the previous practice:

  • You use Vision 3 via the Wales AEROS managed service.
  • The patient is transferring from another Welsh practice.
  • The patient has not been registered with you in the past, ie a re-registration.
  • The WDS lookup is completed.
  • The Data Transfer Service (DTS) is functional. This is the method by which messages are transferred - If the service is down, a message displays.
  • Both your and the patient's previous practice is GP2GP enabled - If this criteria is not met, a message displays.