e-Referral Service (England)

The e-Referral Service is a national service that combines electronic booking (eBooking) and a choice of time, date and place for first outpatient appointment. This is carried out either integrated with Vision 3, from Referrals - Add, using the online booking; or directly from the e-Referral Service website.

Mail Manager can be used to track referral messages to and from the e-Referral Service.

To check a referral message has been sent successfully from Mail Manager:

  1. From Mail Manager , select the Outgoing Mail in the originators mailbox. You should find the referral under an eBooking Referral message type. Different aspects of the message can be viewed by selecting the message in the list and using the tabs at the foot of the page.
  2. Highlight the message, and select the Audit tab to view the progress and acknowledgement of the message.
  3. The Audit Trail should show a Received Acknowledgement (known as ACK) as the final step in the four-stage process.

e-Referral Service referral messages have an extra Problems tab which gives details of the referral message problems.

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