Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions (ETP)

The Electronic Prescription Service allows prescriptions, including those for repeat dispensing, generated by GPs and other prescribers to be transferred electronically between prescribers, dispensers and NHS Prescription Services. ETP is part of Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

Prescriptions are generated within Consultation Manager - Prescription Manager and depend on the medication's suitability for ETP.

From Consultation Manager, Prescription Manager creates the XML message that contains all the data required by Mail Manager to generate a valid ETP message.

Note - There is no acknowledgement or receipt report for ETP messages so you do not know if it has been successfully received or not.

In Mail Manager, by default, only rejected messages display. They are marked Unable to process message in the Action/Subject column.

To view successful ETP messages:

  • From Mail Manager, select Tools - Options - Message, tick Show Sent Electronic Prescriptions and select OK.

We recommend you leave this option unticked, so that Sent and Complete messages are hidden. This reduces the clutter on your screen.