GP Communicator

GP Communicator (GPC) is used to monitor messages and deal with problems arising:

  • For practices with their own server GP Communicator is configured to run on either the server or a dedicated workstation, known as either the GPC or EBXML machine, GP Communicator services are only available on this workstation.
  • Practices using managed servers, for example, AEROS, need to login using their allocated EDI account details to access GP Communicator.

To access the GP Communicator module:

  1. Either:
    • Log on to the machine in your practice that runs GP Communicator, or
    • If you are using a managed server eg AEROS, log in using your EDI user name
  2. From the Vision 3 front screen, select Messaging - GP Communicator .
  3. GP Communicator displays:

Note - GP Communicator does not need to be running to process messages, it is only used for set up and to manage messages that require attention.
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