Daybook Settings

You have various setting options within Daybook that should be considered:

  • Moving Panes Within Daybook - This allows you to change the way Daybook looks on an individual basis, see Moving Panes Within Daybook for details.
  • Setting Daybook to open automatically - This setting opens Daybook on Vision 3 log in, see Daybook to Open Automatically for details.
  • Mail Manager Settings - This enables the auto-creation of tasks from messages received, see Mail Manager Settings for details.
  • Security - Ensures all staff have access to Daybook, see Security for details.
  • Options:

    • Start up and alerts - To select tab and refresh settings, see Start Up and Alerts for details.
    • Lists - To select read times and set up Categories, see Lists for details.
    • Tasks - To set Task Comment and notification options, see Tasks for details.

    • Practice settings - To set your practice opening days, see Practice Settings for details.

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