Home Tab

The Home tab contains the options needed for day to day creating and actioning tasks:


  • Task (F2) - Creates a new task.
  • Task for me (Ctrl +F2) - Creates a self-assigned task.
  • Announcement (Ctrl +F3) - Creates an announcement.


  • Open (Ctrl +O) - Opens a highlighted task.
  • Add Comment (Ctrl +W) - Adds a comment to a task.
  • Edit (Ctrl +E) - Edits a task.
  • View Document - To open Document Viewer for a document attached to a selected Task.


  • Reissue - Reissues a completed task.
  • Withdraw - Withdraws a task you have created.
  • Reject (F6) - Returns a task, uncompleted, back to its originator.
  • Complete (F7) - Starts the completion process of a highlighted task.

Express Interest

  • Accept (F4) - Indicates to others you intend to work on this task.
  • Decline (F5) - Indicates to others you do not intend to work on this task.


  • View all tasks - Lists all tasks for the patient associated with the task selected.
  • Add to medical history (F9) - Adds a medical history entry to the selected patient's record.
  • New appointment (F8) - Adds a new appointment to a selected patient.
  • Consultation Manager - Opens Consultation Manager. If a patient has been selected.
  • Select a Patient - To view all tasks for a specific patient.
  • Edit contact details - To add or update the selected patients contact details, see Edit Contact Details for details.
  • Patient - The patient name displays here to act as a reminder of which patient record the above actions update.
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